The Investigative Engineers Association

The Investigative Engineers Association

The Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A), is committed to presenting to the insurance, legal, government, construction and other industries, a diverse, experienced and cost-effective group of professional investigative engineering firms that provide claims and litigation support. Our educational process and membership includes a protected territory for the engineering firm. Member firms, because of this, openly share information with one another.

Our networking and database of information helps to save time in research for reporting, travel expenses and improves the overall quality of the final product. We also believe strongly in confidential peer reviews with I-ENG-A Advisors and other experts in the network.

I-ENG-A is able to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ in almost every type of claims assignment due to its local offices, diversity and networking capacity. Additional information follows to explain the array of services I-ENG-A provides.

Investigative Engineers Association Headquarters

At the Association Headquarters, our mission and responsibility is to continue to develop the association, by locating member firms to fill each and every area of the United States and to train those firms to be strong representatives for the network. We mentor them with extra special attention in any and all aspects for their investigative engineering division. Peer reviews for new firms reports are expedited in 24 hrs or less.

We assist with technical resources and provide research assistance to prepare them to be ready, willing and able to provide forensic engineering services in virtually every engineering discipline.

We also publish The Forensic Engineering Report, a newsletter designed to showcase the many types of assignments we are handling to the insurance claims, risk management, construction and legal communities.

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