History of TEC

Trnka Engineers Company (TEC) is a consulting company organized as a sole proprietorship. It was started by Zdenek Trnka, PE in 1972 as a part time consulting venture. Mr. Trnka’s resume includes full time employment as a plant engineer for Kaiser Aluminum with broad ranging responsibilities for capital improvement, plant maintenance and plant safety. The consulting firm became a full time venture in 1979 serving local industrial clientele from, among others, the aerospace, primary metals, pulp and paper, and secondary metals industries. In the early 1980s, Mr. Trnka provided engineering consulting services for several projects in Alaska supporting oil production at Prudhoe Bay, a local Alaskan consulting industry, and later also the high technology and plastics industries in the Pacific Northwest. In the late 1980s, the firm grew into more than 20 professionals while serving all of the above mentioned industries and also the Boeing Co. expansion in all its Northwest facilities necessitated by introduction of new airplanes.

In 1994, following a contraction in local facilities design business, Mr. Trnka branched into investigative engineering in support of insurance claims and legal litigation. The membership in the Investigative Engineers Association, Inc. in 1999 was a logical step in expanding the investigative engineering market. Since then, TEC markets primarily its investigative services, but continues to provide consulting services for all engineering disciplines in the field of design and project management. The design and investigative fields are in the offices of TEC closely related as some investigative projects naturally morph into design and/or project management projects. Trnka Engineers Co. continues to provide out design work for many of its historical clients.

Project Management