Project Management

Design & Project Management Services

TEC’s primary specialty is to provide consulting design services to plant engineering and facilities engineering organizations. The typical client for TEC is one that has various projects planned, but limited capacity for their execution. Our activities focus on a full spectrum of services and we handle both new work and retrofits. Over the years, TEC has developed a niche in facilities consulting, undertaking numerous upgrades, renovations, retrofits and remodel projects in existing commercial and industrial facilities. We are experienced in providing services for projects large and small. Our work is directed by licensed professionals and supported by a state-of-the-art computer network complete with CAD drafting and information exchange via Internet.

Recognition of Our Work

A fast-track project completed in January 1999 received recognition in the Puget Sound Business Journal in April 1999 and in the Pacific Gateway magazine, a publication of the Port of Tacoma, in the summer of 1999. Both of these publications had several page long articles describing the fast-track project involving relocation of the Ace Tank and Equipment Company from Seattle to the facilities of a former ship building company and of all the trials and tribulations associated with it. Both were quite appreciative when describing our role in turning the difficulties into our client’s favor.

Investigation and Forensic Services Work

The Investigative Engineers Association, Inc. is committed to assisting insurance industry and claims litigation clients with a diverse yet experienced and cost-effective group of professional investigative engineering firms that can provide claims support and assist in the control of soaring claims settlement costs.

Trnka Engineers Co. an associate member of the Investigative Engineers Association is equally committed to providing its clients in the insurance industry and the claims litigation professionals with efficient, experienced, accurate and cost-effective investigative engineering services to facilitate their effort in keeping the soaring cost of claims under control. Trnka Engineers Co. is dedicated to fast response, efficient and timely execution of the investigative tasks, clear and concise reporting, frequent communications with the claims professionals in charge, and low overall cost of its services. It is the goal of the company and its associates to become a team player in the arena of insurance industry claims and an indispensable partner to claims adjusters, attorneys or affected parties.

We pledge to approach each and every investigative task entrusted to us with all our professional experience, uncompromising integrity, and complete dedication to our clients. We also pledge to present our cause and origin findings in an authoritative, clear and definitive form.